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Why You Should Join HostGator For Your Hosting Needs

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It is a tough decision to have to choose a web hosting company that can help your business to stay on the top. This is why many people choose to read the complete reviews of many hosting companies to ensure that they are choosing a reasonable and affordable service. Many people who use HostGator find it to be appropriate and sustainable for many reasons. Before you choose any type of the web hosting company, you have to do the comparison and decide afterwards.

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HostGator has enough experience and the best features

HostGator has started in 2002 and it is famous for the Linux platform. By now the company hosts more than 9 million domains names on all its servers including VPS, reseller and shared servers. The company is based in Houston with a new center in Texas. It hosts the website from over 200 countries.

Many people choose to use the HostGator because of additional benefits that they can get. The services of HostGator are flexible. The website is feature rich and it excels in the terms of the unlimited services like the unlimited subdomains, unlimited disk space and unrestricted bandwidth. These include POP3 and MySQL. The basic hosting plans are Business, Baby and Hatchling plans. There are enough options that you can choose from so that you can get the plan that fits well all your needs. You should not be worried about if the business outgrow the plan since you can upgrade free of charge. You can upgrade any plan you have easily. You will find many benefits for any plan you may be choosing such as dedicated hosting IP, private SSL and toll free business number with 100 free talk times for any business plans. You will not have to pay for the features that you do not need so you should choose the plan based on what you are looking for.

The basic features of any of the HostGatorā€™s plans

There are some features that are the basic for each type of plan. The domain locking is the launch pad for which people prevent the unauthorized changes or any domain hijacking. The domain renewal is the service where the domain is renewed to avoid being lost. You can also manage the nameservers for every and each domain in the management panel and you can create the nameserver using your management panel. Also, using a HostGator discount code, you can get all these services for 1 penny/month.

There are other features that are provided by the HostGator, such as the shopping carts for someone who wants the eCommerce, site builders and one click installation. HostGator is known to be full of many features. However according to some reviews, some people think that there is a still a room for the improvement especially on the part of intuitiveness that it is found with other high ranked web site hosts. The company should balance everything including the customer support, quality and other things.