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How to Become Popular on YouTube in a Short Period

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YouTube is a great platform to promote your videos. YouTube is one of the famous video search engines in the entire global. YouTube is most probably equal to a search engine because of the reason it has that much of search per second. Your campaign can reach much more people easily through YouTube.

Are you looking to promote videos through youtube??Then, you must be aware of all the associated techniques you need to start your campaign. Here we will discuss how to become popular on youtube in a short period of time.

Step1:First you have to decide what kind of youTube account you will have. Do you want to tell stories??Do you upload music videos??Do make funny videos???or else, Are you going to do any tutorials???Choose whichever one you like to do. Because this is a platform, it is going to increase your youTube views or else you can buy YouTube views.

Step2:Create your channel, make it original and decorate it with however you like. Make the text which should be in an easy read format. A white background with black text usually works best. Avoid those ugly White background with yellow text or blue background with purple text.

step3:Create the video with the information you want. If you want to make a tutorial, then make it in a simple and easy manner or if you want to make a funny video, then do random things and use the jump cut effect.

Step4:Upload the video, If you are just starting and then you can use more advanced stuff such as VSDC free video editor when your channels become more popular. By using this steps you can increase your youtube subscribers or else you can buy youtube subscribers from some authorised sellers.