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Why WhatsApp is Boon or Bann at the Same Time???

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Everything in this??? world has two sides, one is positive side and another one is the negative side. Whatsapp is no different, it is also the same one. WhatsApp is one of the most widely used messengers for mobile devices, In today’s world everyone is know about WhatsApp, I am also the one among them, but not everyone should aware about WhatsApp. Not everyone knows it has both boon and bane.


Whatsapp is Boon:

Whatsapp has a number of facilities. WhatsApp has the end to end encryption and privacy settings, so your personal information will be safeguarded. So you don’t have any restrictions to put your picture as your profile images and you can put the best Whatsapp status.

In today’s world , People don’t even have such time to meet our friends and relatives, for this type of problems we can use WhatsApp, by using you can easily communicate with your friends and relatives within your mobile. It should build a bridge among us. It has allowed everyone to come and speak in one place.
Not everyone is addicted to WhatsApp, some people who are not having any work are addicted to WhatsApp. Now WhatsApp updates many numbers of status for your whats app for example friendship status and love status for Whatsapp.

Whatsapp is Bann:

In today’s world, people are so busy to using WhatsApp, but one of the main drawbacks is no one have a capability or able to differentiate between real and factual relations. Now WhatsApp is even used for business to share important information among employees and it is also using for some illegal purpose also.

If you are using WhatsApp in right ways, Whatsapp can help you, otherwise, definitely it makes some problems to you.