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How can we trust the best self-balancing scooter reviews?

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Many experts say before buying the scooter review the product details in online. There are many sites available to check the review but how can we believe the reviews in it. The self balancing scooter review should explain the product details with an image. The amount we paying for the scooter should worth. And also the review should include the following categories.
Durability: The durability refers battery details. What type battery used in it and the voltage of battery should also be mentioned? How long the battery last after a continuous ride? The self-balancing scooter review will contain the detail of products which happened in test rides.
Design: There are many new models and brands emerging in the market. Because of many models, we have a taught to choose a unique design. To choose unique model we will look at the technology, wheels, body shape, etc. This category is full of the visual appearance of the scooter.
Practicality: If you are going market to buy the scooter don’t look at the shiny and colors. If you are selecting the scooter in this method you can’t use it on a daily basis. Check the realistic for daily riding. Is this scooter can ride in corner and hills? Is its heavy weight to carry and how long the battery last? In what are the situation I don’t ride this scooter? Hot spot hoverboard is a better choice to daily ride.
Quality: The main thing of the scooter is quality. The product quality is based on the components used during the manufacturing.