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Good Tips On Maintaining Your Natural Black Hair

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Do you have thick natural curls? Caring for natural hair particularly when you are a black girl is not easy. Many black African American girls do not have an issue with their hair length or thickness. Their hair does grow longer and thicker without much effort. Additionally, black hair does not have to be relaxed to be manageable. Although relaxing with chemicals makes hair care for black girls easier, it is not desirable in the long-term.

Natural Black Hair

Besides reddening your beautiful black hair, chemical relaxers can weaken and break hair strands. There are many girls who end up shaving after long-term use of relaxers. Sometimes you might need a different hairdo and relax is a good option. However, if you are ready to spot natural black girl hair, the following hair tips might help.

Use Just enough Products

When you apply greasy stuff on hair just because you are transitioning from relaxed to natural, you create opportunities for frequent washing. Black hair is relatively dry, naturally, and frequent washing and heat treatment will make it worse. Instead of massaging your hair with a lot of oil at once, you could reduce applications times to at least two or more times a week.

Give your Follicles and Scalp Time to Heal

After relaxing your hair for years, you might feel frustrated by its new growth that seems coarse and tangled. Until you have waited six to eight months, your new growth won’t and does not represent your true hair texture. It may be sensible to resist the urge to relax you are new, less manageable growth for the period mentioned above. After this phase, you will start to notice that your hair is smooth, curly and moisturized.

Moisturize Curly Hair More Often

Curly hair is the driest and probably the most annoying hair to deal with in its natural texture. However, you could pick up a leave-in conditioner that would be more suitable for your hair and scalp. It will keep your hair more hydrated than oils or rinse-out conditioners ever will.

Reduce Stress on Hair

When moving from relaxed to natural black hair, you must avoid any activity that would lead to hair breakage. Your hair is already weak and may need a hood dryer for drying. Ensure that the dryer’s heat is low and manageable. Remember to set your hair in rollers prior to sitting under a hood dryer. Wrap foam can also be used to reduce heat damage to the hair. Keep away your curling iron as well, as it will just damage your hair. Braids, twists, and other up hairdos are ideal when your hair begins to touch your shoulders. Finally, make sure that you purchase products that are suitable for your hair type.

Some Black Hat Strategies That Can Bring Web Traffic In Short Term

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Many inbound marketers and ethical SEO can spend too much of their time trying to talk about how it is not a good idea to use the black hat techniques to get web traffic. Some may even say that black hat techniques do not work at all. However, this is not always the case, even if black hat techniques may be detrimental to the website in the long term, the truth is that black hat techniques can work if you are looking for short-term traffic for a certain purpose.

Black hat seo technique

Hacked Websites

There are some websites that can reach to the first page of the search engine results in a matter of some days and they are not doing anything special than just hacking the website and by installing the links by the use of plugin of some software. Such sites may stay for a long period at the top without the search engine recognizing it and it may be denoted by using manual techniques if people complain. However using hacked links is a spammy technique and it is illegal. The owners have to hack into the domains and to build many links over few days. As far as the links are not coming from the spam sites, the search engine will not consider them illegal and it will rank for them.

Using of the Private Link Network

The idea behind the private link is just simple, you only have to buy domains with high authority and you may use them in building the links for the money site. The truth is that private link network is not visible to the search engines and you can get away with it for some time. Another strategy similar to this is the acquisition of domains but this is legal and it is considered more valuable. What you have to do is to buy high-quality blog with the right traffic and to redirect the blog to your site and get a blogger.

Paid Links

Many people may buy the links and they may pass as if they are getting organic links. Even if the websites that were bought may rank well for a certain period, they can increase the traffic to the site in few days. However, in this case, it is the link sellers who are going to get the penalty but not the link buyers. The buyers will only get link devaluations.

Tiered Links

This is a strategy that works even if some white hat SEO people may think that it does not exist anymore. Even if this may not be sustainable in the long term, its success can stand for some time in order to protect the website that it is used on.

Even if many people condemn black hat SEO, sometimes they can work for some business depending on the type of their businesses and what they want to achieve in short term.

Activities That A Good SEO Expert Should Do

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Great SEO service is not hard to find. Even if you want a search engine optimizer in your area they are there. All you must do is take the time to look for the best specialist. Consider factors such as the level of experience, level of knowledge and skills and price range among other things. A good SEO expert should be able to do the following activities.

SEO Expert

Add a Title Tag

The most important attribute of a web page from a search engine optimization angle is the title tag. The main keyword should be added to the start of a title tag. It must be among the first sixty-four characters that are normally shown in Google search results. Each of your pages’ title tag must have a unique keyword.

Create Meta Description Tags

The work of these tags is to lure visitors from Google’s search result pages. It is, therefore, necessary to include at least one keyword that describes the content of each page. Meta tags should not be more that one hundred and sixty characters.

H1 Tag

This one is described as the header of a page. There should be only one H1 tag per page. Each H1 tag should be attractive to the page visitor and give a thorough yet concise description of that page.

Alt Tags

These are the sort of descriptions that appear when you point an image or however your cursor over an image. The best way to use alt tags is to add keywords and their synonyms in the images filenames and in the alt texts of images.

Create Relevant and Quality Content

Good Seo and great content are inseparable. As much as you want to write for search engines, the real attention and clicks will come from humans. So it is important to write content that will be appreciated and found useful by your readers. As long as the content is good you will have several links or seamless traffic to your site. Do not stuff your content with keywords as it may not be indexed by search engines. In addition, keyword stuffed content may be very annoying to read and can even disappoint some readers who could become your loyal visitors or customers.

Get Links from Relevant Websites

It is said that Google is interested in finding out whether your site has links from relevant websites in your niche. So, it makes sense to get backlinks from fellow bloggers or webmasters. Guest blogging is a nice and effective method of building links from other blogs or websites in your field. You may ask for a link exchange, or ask a blog owner to review your product or service on their blog. Furthermore, you can share the cost of hosting a contest and invite respective site visitors to participate.