Best Cards in Clash Royale

Cards are the important role to play in the Clash Royale. These cards are used to deploy the opponent tower and win over the three crowns. Some effective cards are in particular deck. You purchase the powerful cards by using gems, gold, chest and trophy points in the shop. This game can be easily downloaded by clash royale apk file. After installing, you play the game just understanding the card characters are given below,

Baby Dragons
This card is almost occupied most of the deck. It also attacks the enemy tower while flying and standing at the ground. It has 4 elixir points that do well in attack than wizard and witch which has 5 elixir points. It has more life to hit the opponent troops.

This card hits a big range of opponent’s troops. It handles the air troops very efficiently. If you have 5 elixir, you get the four barbarians with 80 DPS from the level 7. Its deploy delay has 1 sec. This card holds the second best place in the Clash Royale.

Spear Goblins
This card is unlocked from Goblin Stadium. It has 2 elixir points. It might be more powerful and cause for the splash damage. It may hit the large troops such as Giant. No one can kill by using spells and elixir advantage. Even it takes out the adjacent two towers and king’s tower too.

It has 4 elixir points. It may splash damage by both air and ground troops. In every deck of play, you put it as the centre. It stays more than 10 secs and deals with a lot of threads. The spell can’t be work with it and withstand more hours to tackle the opponent very much.

This is one of the greatest weapons to hit the third party tower. Once you squash the card, it may be getting out of the tower with a single throw. It is similar to arrows and a high cost of 4 elixir points that gets high damage to your opponent troops.

It has an extra superficial feature of the card to might have been taken out the opponent tower of its own. Whenever you know the opponent elixir points have low, you trickly use the Prince card to win before him. It has hit speed is 1.5 sec and ruin 2x damage more than Golem.

From this above information, you know the worth of card and how many ways to use it. After training camp levels, you can try the tricky ways to play the game by using cards while entering the higher levels. It is just a game, so playing the game with more fun and enjoyed a lot.