Why is PNR status more Important nowadays?

There are many processes has changed because of Internet. Shopping, booking railway ticket and more becomes easier before it takes a long time to do. Some things have not changed like PNR status and number. Through online, you can also check the train status and ticket.

Where to Getting PNR Status?
You can find PNR status at top of the tickets. It helps you to check the status of the ticket whether it is in waitlist or confirmed. If your ticket is not confirmed, by using this number you will be getting a refund from the railway department. And also you can check PNR online status to know the ticket status.

Benefits of having a PNR number:

  • It is important to maintain the PNR status record if you are travelling in train occasionally. Because of price and convenience, the train is a preferred mode of transportation. The following are the benefits of having and knowing PNR status.
  • If your reserved ticket is confirmed then you are relaxed.
  • If your reservation is failed then you have to look for another way to reserve a ticket.
  • And also you should check whether you are in waitlist or RAC.
  • Prepare another mode of transport to handle such situations like not confirmed, RAC, etc. and also you should aware of train schedule to reserve a ticket.

Difference between PNR Status and PNR number:

  • PNR number has all the information about a passenger who reserves the train ticket.
  • PNR number status used to check the status of reserved ticket whether it is confirmed or not.