Top Ten Favorite Games In London, UK

Are you looking for the major sport games in London? As a matter of fact, London is a big city that’s why there are so many sports activities available for the people. When finding the top rated sports in this city the readers should pay attention towards the exciting options. It is very easy to get the lists of top ten sports in UK but it will be better if you check the top sports according to the latest surveys. Every year surveys are conducted to find the popularity of the different sports activities. Let’s see the top ten sports in UK.


Top ten favorite games in London


  1. Football: As a matter of fact, football is a favorite game for the Europeans. People of UK love to play and watch this interesting game. According to the latest surveys there are multiple clubs and leagues being played in London.
  2. Cricket: This is a game started by the British lords. Cricket is a popular game in this country. No doubt, British team has failed to get success in any cricket World Cup event but it is considered a tough time side for other teams. It is believed that England will give good performance in cricket mega event 2015.
  3. Baseball: This game traveled from America. Today¸ there are numerous baseball clubs present in London as well as other cities. However, the viewers are more than players.
  4. Bicycling: This is a healthy sport for the people. It has been adopted as a health exercise by the people of UK. It is very popular and famous because of the national level races.
  5. Ice skating: It is very dangerous but people love it. It is ranked five because of the popularity. Numerous events and festivals are organized in winters for the entertainment.
  6. Marathon: People of UK love all sports related to body exercise. Marathon is a popular event for the people of this country. This game is preferred by the players as well as by the viewers.
  7. Hockey: British hockey team is very popular in the world. People like this interesting game. Numerous popular names have been generated by the UK hockey team.
  8. Swimming: It is a casual sport for the people. Swimming is given more attention because of the physical health benefits. There are different swimming clubs training centers present in London. This game is perfect for the kids as well as adults.
  9. Chess: It is a game for the tough minds. UK has multiple chess awards and trophies. People of this country prefer to play this puzzle game.
  10. Tennis: Men as well as women like to play tennis there. There are multiple tennis courts where popular tournaments are arranged by the tennis organizations.