Some Black Hat Strategies That Can Bring Web Traffic In Short Term

Many inbound marketers and ethical SEO can spend too much of their time trying to talk about how it is not a good idea to use the black hat techniques to get web traffic. Some may even say that black hat techniques do not work at all. However, this is not always the case, even if black hat techniques may be detrimental to the website in the long term, the truth is that black hat techniques can work if you are looking for short-term traffic for a certain purpose.

Black hat seo technique

Hacked Websites

There are some websites that can reach to the first page of the search engine results in a matter of some days and they are not doing anything special than just hacking the website and by installing the links by the use of plugin of some software. Such sites may stay for a long period at the top without the search engine recognizing it and it may be denoted by using manual techniques if people complain. However using hacked links is a spammy technique and it is illegal. The owners have to hack into the domains and to build many links over few days. As far as the links are not coming from the spam sites, the search engine will not consider them illegal and it will rank for them.

Using of the Private Link Network

The idea behind the private link is just simple, you only have to buy domains with high authority and you may use them in building the links for the money site. The truth is that private link network is not visible to the search engines and you can get away with it for some time. Another strategy similar to this is the acquisition of domains but this is legal and it is considered more valuable. What you have to do is to buy high-quality blog with the right traffic and to redirect the blog to your site and get a blogger.

Paid Links

Many people may buy the links and they may pass as if they are getting organic links. Even if the websites that were bought may rank well for a certain period, they can increase the traffic to the site in few days. However, in this case, it is the link sellers who are going to get the penalty but not the link buyers. The buyers will only get link devaluations.

Tiered Links

This is a strategy that works even if some white hat SEO people may think that it does not exist anymore. Even if this may not be sustainable in the long term, its success can stand for some time in order to protect the website that it is used on.

Even if many people condemn black hat SEO, sometimes they can work for some business depending on the type of their businesses and what they want to achieve in short term.