Activities That A Good SEO Expert Should Do

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Great SEO service is not hard to find. Even if you want a search engine optimizer in your area they are there. All you must do is take the time to look for the best specialist. Consider factors such as the level of experience, level of knowledge and skills and price range among other things. A good SEO expert should be able to do the following activities.

SEO Expert

Add a Title Tag

The most important attribute of a web page from a search engine optimization angle is the title tag. The main keyword should be added to the start of a title tag. It must be among the first sixty-four characters that are normally shown in Google search results. Each of your pages’ title tag must have a unique keyword.

Create Meta Description Tags

The work of these tags is to lure visitors from Google’s search result pages. It is, therefore, necessary to include at least one keyword that describes the content of each page. Meta tags should not be more that one hundred and sixty characters.

H1 Tag

This one is described as the header of a page. There should be only one H1 tag per page. Each H1 tag should be attractive to the page visitor and give a thorough yet concise description of that page.

Alt Tags

These are the sort of descriptions that appear when you point an image or however your cursor over an image. The best way to use alt tags is to add keywords and their synonyms in the images filenames and in the alt texts of images.

Create Relevant and Quality Content

Good Seo and great content are inseparable. As much as you want to write for search engines, the real attention and clicks will come from humans. So it is important to write content that will be appreciated and found useful by your readers. As long as the content is good you will have several links or seamless traffic to your site. Do not stuff your content with keywords as it may not be indexed by search engines. In addition, keyword stuffed content may be very annoying to read and can even disappoint some readers who could become your loyal visitors or customers.

Get Links from Relevant Websites

It is said that Google is interested in finding out whether your site has links from relevant websites in your niche. So, it makes sense to get backlinks from fellow bloggers or webmasters. Guest blogging is a nice and effective method of building links from other blogs or websites in your field. You may ask for a link exchange, or ask a blog owner to review your product or service on their blog. Furthermore, you can share the cost of hosting a contest and invite respective site visitors to participate.